Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

It does not matter what charge or charges you are facing, Lavy Law can competently represent you. Due to our former experience as a deputy district attorney in five counties, we have experience handling hundreds of cases involving almost every type of crime. Please see our Criminal Defense section to find out what exactly you are being accused of, your potential defenses, and the cases that we have defended successfully just like your own.


Whether you in the United States illegally, on a temporary visa, or have a green card, Lavy Law knows how to help you stay legally in the United States. We have experience dealing with almost every kind of immigration law issue. Please see our Immigration section to find out our different immigration services, what remedy fits your case, and cases that we have defended successfully just like your own.


Are you an undocumented immigrant or green card holder who has been arrested and/or convicted of a crime? If so, it is likely that you will be ordered to appear in both criminal court and immigration court.

The majority of criminal defense attorneys know nothing about immigration law. This means that they will have to pay more to hire an immigration attorney. This also means that the criminal defense attorney representing you may fail to inform you of the immigration consequences of your case and likely cause irreparable damage to your ultimate outcome. If this has already happened, Lavy Law can use its expert experience in criminal court to try to undo the damage.

One of the goals of Lavy Law is to be your one-stop law firm, handling both your criminal and immigration case. Our vision is to take you seamlessly from point A (criminal court) to point B (immigration court). By having one attorney from one law firm, you will save money, time and your freedom. For more information on Lavy Law’s specific services related to criminal law and immigration, please refer to our Crimmigration section.