Temporary Visas - Work, Investor, Visitors for Business or Pleasure, Fiancé & Spouse, Student & Training, Artist, Religious

What is a Visa?

A visa is formal permission to enter and stay in the United States for a specific purpose such as business or studies. A visa is only valid for the length of your purpose. Once your visa expires, or your purpose changes, you must leave the United States or obtain a new visa or green card; otherwise you will risk being placed in removal proceedings.

What Are The Benefits?
  • Enter and reenter the United States lawfully; and depending on the visa:
  • Work lawfully in the United States;
  • Study in the United States;
How We Can Help You

If you want to obtain a visa, Lavy Law is the best firm to help you. As a counselor at law who has worked with immigrants from almost every continent, we know how to empower you during this intimidating process like a coach. As a former prosecutor, we have insider's information on how the government will look at your case. As a trial attorney who has won many cases at trial, we know how to win your case before an immigration officer.

How are we different from other immigration law firms? Lavy Law is a one-stop law firm for both immigration and criminal law. Therefore, if you get in trouble with the police while your visa is pending, your Lavy Lawyer will defend you in criminal court and protect your visa application. Or, if you are not able to enter the United States due to your criminal history, your Lavy Lawyer will use their expertise in criminal court to undo the damage to your case.

We encourage you to read our Recent Cases to see that we have won a case just like your own.

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