Dear Ms. Lavy:

I am very pleased that I contacted you, and I simply could not have been more pleased with the process and outcome. I am more than delighted in how you were instrumental in bringing my lingering visa issue to a resolution most beneficial to me. Thank you for all your help and highly professional work, and especially for being so trustworthy. Being a foreigner, and outside the US, I was totally dependent on you to deal with my pending issue at the Berkeley Court and American Consulate in Brazil. The fact that you can understand Spanish and Portuguese was also helpful. Besides, yours was a reasonable and honest price, even though I had to completely trust your word on how many hours you were spending on my case.

You not only did not disappoint me, but did the whole work with a comforting touch, always quickly and friendly responding to all my calls and questions.

If you ever want to use me as a source of recommendation, please know I would give you the highest praise. I have no reservations in providing my highest recommendation of you and your outstanding firm to anyone with a visa or criminal issue. Thank you very much for a job well done and with such successful results.

JMM (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

My experience with Lavy Law was extremely positive. After finding them through a Google search and reaching out to them, Kara Lavy responded soon after, assessed my case and she immediately came up with a collaborative strategy. Ms. Lavy was in close contact while preparing to present our case. The motions she filed on my behalf couldn't have been more thorough while leveraging her relationships with local DA and justice contacts to ensure a smooth process in the courtroom. All motions were granted in my favor, and I offer the highest recommendation to anyone looking for professional, responsive, dedicated and experienced attorney services.

Javier M. (San Mateo, CA)