Citizenship & Naturalization

How Do You Become A Citizen?

There are different paths for an immigrant to take towards citizenship. The most common path is called naturalization- to first obtain a green card and then to wait either three or five years, depending your circumstances.[1] Or, if you are a member of the U.S. Army you may be eligible for citizenship without having to meet all of the standard requirements.

What Are The Benefits?
  • Right to vote in local and national elections;
  • Reenter the United States without being sent to deferred or secondary inspection for immigration issues;
  • Leave the United States for long or indefinite periods of time;
  • Maintain lawful status regardless of criminal activity;
  • Travel to most countries without a visa.
How We Can Help You

Lavy Law is the best law firm to help you become a U.S. citizen. We have insider's knowledge on how the government will treat your case because we were a former prosecutor. We will empower you during this intimidating process like a coach would during a game because we have worked closely with immigrants from all over the world as a counselor at law. We know how to win your case before an immigration officer or judge because we are a trial attorney.

Unlike other firms that limit their practice to immigration, Lavy Law is a one-stop law firm that practices in both criminal and immigration court. Thus, if you get in trouble with the law while you citizenship case is active, your Lavy Lawyer will protect your application in criminal court. Or, if you fall under one of the statutory bars to relief due to a criminal conviction, your Lavy Lawyer will use their knowledge of criminal court to undo the damage to your immigration case.

We encourage you to see our Recent Cases for a case that we have won just like your own.

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[1] An immigrant who is married to a U.S. citizen or is a member of the military needs three years of residency; all other immigrants need five years.