Green Card Applications

What Is A Green Card?

A green card means that you may live in the United States lawfully and permanently. While one can live in the U.S. with a green card their entire life, it is not the same as citizenship. A green card holder does not enjoy the same rights as a United States citizen. Also, their lawful status can be taken away and they can be deported if they break the law or do not follow certain rules.

What Are The Benefits?
  • Lawful status that can be infinitely renewed;
  • Work lawfully in the United States;
  • Travel outside of the United States;
  • Bring spouses and unmarried children to the United States;
  • Obtain access to public benefits;
  • Pathway towards U.S. citizenship.
How We Can Help You

If you want to get a green card, Lavy Law is the best firm to help you. As a trial attorney who has won a multitude of cases, we know how to win your case before an immigration officer or judge[1]. As a former prosecutor, we know how the government will treat your case. As a counselor at law who has worked closely with immigrants from all over the world, we know how to empower you during this intimidating process.

Lavy Law is a one-stop law firm that practices in both immigration and criminal court. Thus, you are not eligible to adjust to lawful status due to a criminal conviction, your Lavy Lawyer will use their know-how in criminal court to undo the damage. Or, if you get in trouble with the law while your green card application is pending, your Lavy Lawyer will protect your application by defending you in criminal court.

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[1] In general, your case will not go before a judge unless you are physically in the United States and your application is rejected by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.